3 Ways to Refresh & Renew Your Home After the Holidays

Once the holidays are over and the decorations are put away, it's easy for even the warmest of homes to feel a bit drab without all the holiday sparkle and lights. If you find yourself thinking your home needs some renewal this time of year, try these ideas for a helpful refresh:

1. Incorporate New Decor

Even subtle, simple, and affordable additions to your home can give it a fresh feeling. And now is a great time to catch sales for updating decor on a budget! Try things like: 

  • Arrange colorful throw pillows on couches, chairs, or beds
  • Add a seasonal doormat or door hanger by Evergreen for Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day
  • Hang a new house or garden flag outside
  • Replace an outdated area rug with a new one from Mohawk Home for a cozy-modern vibe
  • Add more texture and coziness to a room with plush throws draped on the arms of couches, the backs of chairs, and even on dining room seating for more comfort!

Want something a little more dramatic? Use a bit of bare wall space to create a gallery wall or interesting display. You can use a console table combined with pottery, framed art, family photos, mirrors, or even objects like unique baskets mounted on the wall to create a focal point and showcase your personality. 

2. Declutter, Organize, or Rearrange Problem Areas

Sometimes what you take away from a space is even more important than what you add. If some rooms in your home are feeling messy, cluttered, or too small, it may be time to channel Marie Kondo – aka declutter, purge, and organize!

Not up for doing the whole house? That’s okay! Focus on one or two zones that feel manageable. For example, you can try projects like: 

  • Clean out your closet and donate old clothes
  • Reclaim floor space in your closet by corralling your footwear into a shoe organizer like this one that slides discreetly under the bed
  • Organize your pantry and add food storage bins to keep pantry items fresher
  • Wipe out your refrigerator and throw out expired food
  • Remove all unnecessary items from your kitchen counters

And once you’ve donated or thrown out anything you no longer want, Hamrick’s has a variety of stylish baskets and storage bins to help you organize and maintain a tidy space!

Pro tip: Sometimes all your home needs to achieve a new look or feel is a little rearranging. Have you always had the couch against that wall? Try swapping it with the bookshelves. Do you have a room with two possible focal points? Try orienting the furniture toward the one that was previously less prominent. Rearranging can be a fun way to achieve a free “remodel” when winter finds you longing for transformation!

3. Don’t Wait for Spring to Deep Clean!

If a very clean house helps you find your zen, this one’s for you! Cleaning often-overlooked or neglected areas of the house can make it feel fresh again. 

So, good news: you don’t have to wait for warm weather to “spring clean” inside the house! (Plus, if you do it now, you’ll have more time to plant that flower garden you’ve always wanted during warmer weather!)

Here are some post-holiday deep-cleaning tasks you could do: 

  • Clean the oven after all that holiday cooking
  • Clear cobwebs from around crown moldings and door frames
  • Use a Scrub Daddy from Hamrick’s to restore your kitchen sink to a high shine
  • Dust areas you normally don’t have time for, like light fixtures, blinds, and ceiling fans
  • Dry dust, then wipe baseboards with a damp cloth to remove layers of grime

Looking for Even More Refreshing Ideas?

As you can see, your post-holiday refresh doesn’t have to be costly or cause too much upheaval, especially when you shop Hamrick’s great brands at incredible prices.

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