Add These 4 Shopping Resolutions to Your Cart for 2023

It’s resolution season! Does the coming of a new year have you creating goals or making lists of dos and don’ts? Try these 4 shopping resolutions for 2023 to make shopping more purposeful—and more fun!

#1 – Shop Smart

Whether browsing or searching for something specific, take time to think before committing to an item. You can even “rate” how much you truly want it. For example:

1 – I’d never buy that!

2 – I’m not sure. 

3 – It’d be nice to have. 

4 – I’ve gotta have that!

A method like this could help you decide what goes in your cart versus back on the rack. After all, if you don’t love it in the store, you probably won’t use or wear it at home. Ratings could also help prioritize spending. If you can’t afford everything you’re interested in, make sure you find the products you really do love!

Pro tip: Sign up for rewards programs at your favorite stores as another way to shop smart. Then, when you buy those gotta-have-em items, you’ll earn points on every purchase. Try it out firsthand when you sign up for Hamrick’s free More Rewards Loyalty Program.

#2 – Shop with Your Values in Mind

Apart from convenience and fit, what else is important to you while strolling aisles or deciding which store to visit? 

While this is highly personal, some values that could affect your shopping might be: 

  • Where or how products are made
  • What a brand stands for
  • Whether a business is local or family-owned (If this is important to you, you’ll be glad to know Hamrick’s has been a family-owned & operated business since 1945!)
  • Whether a product fits into your lifestyle (i.e. minimalism, sustainability, health or fitness, etc.)

Identifying your values and shopping accordingly can help you feel better about what you bring home in 2023.

#3 – Shop for YOU More

So often we shop for others—our kids, our grandkids, our partners, our friends, our pets. And that’s great! But don’t be afraid to make purchases for yourself too. 

Here are some creative ways to treat yourself while shopping: 

  • Purchase items for that new hobby you’ve been wanting to try.
  • Shop to learn. Grab that book you’ve been eyeing or that cookbook about making the perfect cupcake.
  • Find ways to enhance activities you already love—like a warm blanket for your nightly session on the porch swing or a pair of athletic shoes for your morning walks with friends.

On a budget, but still looking for items to help you de-stress, fill your free time, or spruce up your house in 2023? Hamrick’s has incredible prices on things like supplies for painting, sewing, journaling, scrapbooking, home design projects, and more.

#4 – Shop with People You Love

Like many things we do in life, shopping can be a lot more fun with friends or family. Especially around birthdays, holidays, back-to-school, and vacation time—why not do your shopping side-by-side? Knock out your list and theirs, plus enjoy quality time!

Pro Tip: Bring friends when you know getting a second opinion (or third, or fourth) from someone you trust will be especially helpful—like when choosing an outfit for a class reunion or redecorating a room. 

Bus Week

Take this resolution to the next level—and enjoy a special discount—by literally bringing a busload (or vanload) of your friends to Hamrick’s for more fun and more savings! Find out more about Bus Week here.

What other shopping resolutions do you have for 2023? Be sure to share them with us on social media. We’d love to hear them!

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