Bewitching Halloween Décor Ideas for Your Home

Set the mood this October with our spirited and cozy Halloween décor that’s sure to enhance your home and entrance your guests! Whatever you’re searching for, Hamrick’s has what you need to step up your indoor and outdoor Halloween décor…

Spooky & Stylish Indoor Décor

Looking for ways to add that extra special spooky touch to the inside of your home? Set the mood for your next costume party or scary movie night with some candles, ghostly wall décor, and comfy seasonal couch pillows. Just don’t forget a Squishmallow friend to squeeze during any scares! 

Want to go a step further in your Halloween home decor? Make your space extra chilling with items like Halloween-themed books, bath products, and wall signs—all available at Hamrick’s! These simple, affordable additions are sure to add an extra special spooky touch to your home.


Get Trick-or-Treat Ready with Porch & Yard Essentials

Get ready to pass out candy in style this year with some outdoor Halloween decor. Nothing says ‘we’ve got the good candy’ like having a festively decorated and inviting yard and front porch for those trick-or-treaters! Some of our favorite items around Hamrick’s right now are:

  • Door Mats
  • Mailbox Covers
  • House & Garden Flags
  • Garden Décor
  • Yard Signs

It’s Alive!!! 

DIY Creations

If you’re looking for some fun projects to do with the family, we have the supplies to help you do them, plus a few frightful ideas to get you started in your Halloween crafts! Here’s a couple of our team’s “top picks” for easy DIY decor…

Hanging with the Bats

Image source:

Put on some Monster Mash and pour yourself a cup of warm apple cider! This activity is easy and fun for everyone…

You can create your own wall hanging decorations with friends and family by using just three items: craft paper, black mini clothespins, and yarn. Here’s how:

  1. Download and print this free bat stencil  
  2. Cut out as many bats as you want on black craft paper
  3. Using the original stencil, on top of each bat, make creases along the dotted lines on the stencil
  4. For a 3D effect, fold the creases opposite ways on each
  5. Lastly, use yarn and black clothes pins to attach and arrange the bats, then hang them throughout your home for a bat-tastic decorative look!

Mason Jar-o-Lanterns

Image source:

Let your inner artist come out to play with this fun and easy Halloween paint project! All you need are a few mason jars, acrylic paints & brushes, a sponge brush, a sharpie, one paper plate, and some tea candles or LED tea lights.

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, here’s how to create your Jar-o-Lanterns:

  1. Remove the mason jar lid and use your sponge and brushes to paint the jar below the lid area (use the unpainted lid area to hold and move your jar as you paint).
    Pro tip! Make sure to paint the bottom of your jar as well. 
  2. Once you’re finished painting, place the jar top-side down to dry
  3. Use a dull pencil to make a light stencil of a jack-o-lantern face (a sharp pencil may chip the paint). Feel free to get as creative as you want during this step! You can always erase and start fresh if the stencil doesn’t come out quite like you were hoping the first time.
  4. Fill in the stencil with black paint or a solid black sharpie
  5. Next, carefully paint the mason jar lids black with your sponge brush, then let it dry
  6. Once the jar and lid are both dry, screw the lid back on
  7. Add a tea candle or LED light and enjoy! Line sidewalks, set on your porch railing, or add them to your mantle for that moody Halloween glow!

Whether you’re interested in creating a cozy space or a haunted house, Hamrick’s has what you need to get ready for Halloween and at affordable prices for our customers. Stop by a Hamrick’s near you to get inspired!

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