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Do You Have These Squishmallows Yet?

It’s safe to say that kids of all ages are going NUTS over the latest cuddly sensation: the Squishmallow! 

These popular items are perfect for just about anything: gifts, traveling, movie nights, party favors, or just some comfort on a bad day. The best part? There’s dozens and dozens of characters to choose from, so you can snag one or collect them all!

Here’s what our customers are saying about these trendy toys…

Emily, Expecting Mom

Squishmallows double as a treat for both expecting moms and their kids! The soft, cuddly nature of these oversized plush pillows offer comfort for all:

“My husband and I had family ask us to travel to them last-minute. It’s not easy for me to get comfortable in a car these days, so I went out and got a huge Squishmallow… so soft! I’m convinced it’s what got me through the 13 hour drive and it made for the perfect addition to our nursery once home.”

David, Father of Three

For many parents and adults, Squishmallows have a nostalgic quality about them – despite being a recent trend in the toy world:

“It’s nostalgic to watch my kids adore their Squishmallows and see their excitement when they see one they’ve been dreaming of adding to their collection because it reminds me of how seriously I took collecting Beanie Babies when I was little. Same feelings, new product.”

Amy, Road-Tripping Mom

Another mama (who just so happens to work in the Ladies’ Apparel department at Hamrick’s) shared what kept her sweet 7-year-old, Emma Ruth, busy during a vacation to the beach:

“Ranking #1 on Emma’s packing list was her Squishmallow! On the beach, she held it on the golf cart like it was a pet. She already owns 10 of them, and she would have brought them all if we didn’t allow only one!”

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Already have a Squishmallow-lover in your life? Give them the gift of their next favorite character! With so many styles, sizes, and themes to choose from, Squishmallows are the perfect choice for kids who love a collect-em-all challenge.

Stop by the Hamrick’s near you to browse our incredible Squishmallow collection! From the Disney collection to the Christmas collection to reversible Flip-a-Mallows that give you two unique styles in one, you’re sure to find the perfect new squish at Hamrick’s!

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