3 Handy Tips for Any Household

We all have certain chores that drive us nuts… But while they may not be thrilling, they don’t have to be hard! With the right tips, those mundane or time-consuming tasks in your household can be accomplished a little more smoothly.

Keep reading for handy tips on how to fold a fitted sheet, get rid of wrinkles (without an iron), and clean common stains.

1. How to fold a fitted sheet

This is a pain we’ve all felt at one point. The good news is, we’ve got a step-by-step process for folding the ever-challenging fitted sheet. Once you get it down, it’ll (hopefully) be like riding a bike… you’ll have the skill for life!

  • Step 1: Hold your fitted sheet lengthwise.

  • Step 2: Turn the sheet inside-out and place your hands inside the top two corners. The opening of the sheet should be facing you.

  • Step 3: Bring your right hand to your left (so the elastic is facing you), then flip the right corner of the sheet over the left corner. Both corners of the sheet should be in your left hand.

  • Step 4: Run your right hand along the front-facing edge of the sheet, and pick up the third corner

  • Step 5: Tuck corners one and two (in your left hand) inside corner three. The third corner should be facing inside-out.

  • Step 6: Find the last corner of the sheet with your right hand, and bring it to your left hand. Grab the corner by the seam and flip it over.

  • Step 7: Straighten the sheet so that all four corners are tucked into each other. The elastic edges will form an L-shape.

  • Step 8: Lay the sheet on a flat surface and fold into desired size.

2. How to get wrinkles out of clothes… without an iron!

Irons are extremely handy tools, but not very convenient when you’re on-the-go or in a hurry. A traditional iron can be clunky, hard to pack, and hot to touch for some time after using it. And don’t even get us started on the large board… 

Here are a few great alternatives for ridding your clothes of wrinkles without an iron:

  • Steam/steamer – A hand-held steamer is a great option for removing wrinkles fast. But if you don’t have access to one, try turning the shower on hot and hanging your clothes on the far side so it doesn’t get wet. The hot steam will resolve your wrinkles with ease!
  • Dryer – If you don’t have one-on-one time to spend with your wrinkles, dampen a washcloth or small towel and toss it in the dryer with the piece in need of some TLC. The wet cloth in the hot dryer will create… you guessed it—steam! 
  • Blow dryer – Similar to a hand-held steamer, a blow dryer on the hot setting will help release the creases in your clothes. Just be sure to hold it a couple inches away from the item so it doesn’t burn.
  • Straightener – Just the collar that’s giving you trouble? Use a flat iron or hair straightener to touch up smaller portions of a wrinkled piece of clothing.
  • Spray – Need to get out of the house right away? Try a bottled wrinkle release spray. This quick fix will nix your wrinkle worries in a time crunch!

3. How to get rid of common stains:

We know how frustrating it can be to find a stain on a piece of clothing or furniture you love. Luckily, if the stain is fresh, there are steps you can take to clean it before it sets… even for the most stubborn stains, like ink or wine!

  • Coffee
    • The key to treating coffee stains is to act fast! Mix warm water with 1 tablespoon. dish soap and 1 tablespoon white vinegar. Blot the stain with a clean rag and the mixture. Continue until you see the stain lift.
    • If the stain is dried, soak it in the same mixture.
    • If there is dairy in the coffee, it is important to treat it immediately and not let it dry. Rinse off the coffee and treat with the mixture above.
    • A popular method for removing coffee stains from furniture is to whip an egg yolk and scrub it into the stain. Then rinse the area with water.
  • Grease
    • Cover the grease stain with baking soda thoroughly. Let it sit for a day and then brush away the baking soda. Then use a mixture of water and vinegar on the area, scrub it with dish soap and rinse.
    • Be sure to find all of the grease stains, as grease is quick to soak through one layer of fabric into another.
    • If you don’t discover the grease stain until after the fabric has been washed and dried, try letting it soak in a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda for several hours, reapplying as it dries, before washing.
  • Red Wine
    • To remove red wine stains, you have to counteract the intense red/purple pigment it leaves behind. To do this, cover the stain in white vinegar. Then immediately rub in liquid detergent and wash in hot water.
    • Mix together equal parts dish soap and hydrogen peroxide and let it soak into the stain. When you see it start to lift, wash the item normally.
    • If you don’t have vinegar or peroxide on hand, lay the stained item across the top of a large bowl, securing it tautly with a rubber band and pour boiling water over the stain. The water will land in the bowl below and should help to wash out the fresh wine stain. 
    • Salt acts as a red wine stain remedy, too! Salt poured onto a wet stain should pull the color up with it as it dries. This is a good option to pair with another topical treatment before washing.
  • Sweat
    • Mix 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts warm water and soak the stain with the mixture. If the stain remains after about half an hour, use hydrogen peroxide on the area and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then wash in hot water with regular detergent.
    • For white t-shirts, start with the same vinegar solution. Then mix 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide, 1 tablespoon salt, and one half cup baking soda into a paste. Scrub the mixture into the stain and let it sit for an hour or more, then wash.
    • Mix 1 part dish soap with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. Soak the stain and scrub the solution in. Let it sit for an hour and wash. Baking soda can be added to the mixture if the stain is particularly stubborn.
  • Ink
    • Wet the ink with fresh water. Then apply liquid detergent and allow it to soak in and rinse. Then soak the ink stains in rubbing alcohol, blotting, and rinsing. Continue this process until the ink has lifted out of the fabric. Soak in liquid detergent or a water/liquid detergent mix for several minutes before washing. 
    • This one can be tricky, as it can damage fabrics… Before using this on stains, try it out on a hidden area in case it doesn’t agree with your fabric: Nail polish remover can be an effective tool for removing ink stains. If the test area looks good, blot nail polish remover into the stains, then rinse. Hairspray works the same way!
    • Wet the ink stains with vinegar. Then using a paste of vinegar and cornstarch, work into the fabric with a toothbrush and let it dry before washing. 
  • Blood
    • Apply hydrogen peroxide to a blood stain. This should be enough to lift it out of your fabric. If it doesn’t do the trick, reapply several times. Then rinse with cold water and wash.
    • Try rubbing bar soap into the stain and scrubbing gently with a toothbrush. Be sure to rinse with cold water, not hot. 
    • Treat the stain with an enzymatic cleaner – rub it into the stain several times, rinsing between treatments so you can see how much of the stain is left. Then wash in warm water. 
    • White wine vinegar can help dissolve blood stains. Try soaking the stain in vinegar for half an hour, then rinsing in cold water. Repeat this pairing several times until you see the stain clear up.

Household chores don’t have to be hard! Turn up the tunes and try out one of these handy tips to simplify your days. Check out your local Hamrick’s for a wide variety of household items and savings! 

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