Tips for Stress-Free Christmas Shopping

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the pressure is on to be ready for Christmas! For those of us who aren’t in the mood to shop until the big day, the clock seems to be ticking faster than usual. Luckily, holiday shopping doesn’t have to be stressful or chaotic if you keep these do’s and don’ts in mind…

Have a plan.

Double check the business hours of the stores you plan to visit before you go. Avoid weekends, if possible, so you don’t get caught in the crowds. Write out the names of all the people you need to buy for and a couple ideas of what to get them to keep you inspired while you’re on the lookout. As you find each item, check that person off to feel accomplished and have an easier time seeing who’s left on your list!

Have a budget…

…and stick with it! This will prevent you from stressing out over the big bills that can rack up quickly around this time of year, and it will help simplify your decision-making. Giving is about the special people in your life, not the price tag. Hamrick’s has incredible deals that will help you stay within your budget while giving your loved ones gifts they’ll enjoy all year long!

Have a theme.

Choosing an overall theme for this year’s gifts can help keep your shopping under control and give you the freedom to choose! Everyone gets the same type of gift, but you get to choose a specific one depending on each person’s needs, preferences, or personalities. For example, if your theme is “accessories,” Amy gets a necklace, Bob gets a watch, Christy gets a hat, Dylan gets sunglasses… you get the idea. 

Here are some commonly-loved themes to get you started: 

  • Books
  • Games
  • Gift cards
  • “Something blue” (or any color you like)
  • Events/activities
  • Handmade crafts
Have a goal.

What’s most important to you this year: Keeping it simple? Getting it done early? Sticking to a budget? Supporting small, local businesses? Knowing what your priority is this shopping season will keep you on track in the face of distractions and window-shopping temptations.

Have support.

Always wear comfy shoes before setting out on your holiday shopping adventures. You’ll have more patience while you shop, and your feet will thank you at the end of the day. Also, try getting in the spirit of the season by playing some upbeat Christmas tunes in the car on your way to the shops or listing your favorite things about each person on your list. This will help set a positive tone for your day and make the entire shopping experience more meaningful.

Have a brainstorming session.

Finding the perfect gift for someone can feel daunting. Get a head start by thinking about the person you’re buying for. Write down everything that comes to mind. Once it’s on paper, it might spark more ideas, and if not, it might be a great match for someone else on your list.


Here’s a list of helpful questions to lead you to a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list:

  • What is something they need?
  • What is something they would enjoy, but wouldn’t buy for themselves?
  • What do they dislike? (gag gifts can be great, too!)
  • Are they practical? Sentimental? Quirky?
  • If they had a day free of all obligations, how would they spend it?
  • Have they talked about anything in particular that they enjoy lately?
  • Is there a change coming up for them? Moving? A new job? Graduation? Marriage? A new baby?
  • What kind of things do they have on display in their home?
  • If you don’t know the answers to these questions, is there someone in their life who does? Ask them!
  • Who’s the best gift-giver you know? Why do their gifts always feel so perfectly chosen? What do the gifts tell you? What questions did they ask about you that led them to decide on that gift?

While you’re out shopping this season, don’t forget everything else you’ll need: decorations, napkins, wrapping paper, gift bags and tags, cards, ribbon, tissue paper, stocking stuffers… Hamrick’s has it all! 

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