Pamper Your Pets:

Choosing the Purrrfect Pet Bed

As much as we all love snuggling our furry friends, our bed isn’t always the best place to do it. The average dog and cat sleep far more than 8 hours a day, so it’s important that yours has a snuggly place of their own to rest.

Choosing the perfect pet bed is a practical way to show your pet some extra love, while making sure their needs are met. But with so many options for pet beds on the market today, it can be tough to know where to start. We’re here to help with that… 

Assess Their Needs

The first step in finding the best bed for your dog or cat (or any other pet who enjoys being cozy) is understanding what they want and need! Here are a few helpful questions to ask yourself before deciding what to get while shopping for your purrrfect companion…

Q: Does your pet prefer cushioned spots (like your fresh laundry) or a harder surface like hardwoods or tile (that feel refreshingly cold on their tummy)?

Pets differ in their preference of soft or firm beds, as well as warm or cool sleeping environments, just like we do!

Q: Does your pet curl up, stretch out, or burrow when they sleep?

This will indicate the size of the bed they need. If they stretch out, a flat mat long enough to fit their whole length is a good fit. However, if they tend to burrow, then choosing a smaller, round, or covered bed to keep them feeling secure might be a better option.

Q: Does your pet have medical or other special needs?

Aging or arthritic pets may need a memory foam or orthopedic ped. Pets that struggle with painful joints can benefit from a flatbed, which is low to the ground so they don’t have to expend a ton of effort to get comfy. 

Q: Does your pet have trouble holding it in?

Older pets, nervous pets, or disabled/medically-needy pets may require a bed that can compensate for messes or incontinence. Look for a waterproof bed or one with a removable cover. These types of beds will save you a ton of time, energy, and money if you have an accident-prone pet.

Q: How heavy is your pet?

A larger pet will need a denser cushion to support their weight. For example, great danes, retrievers, and boxers generally need more support under their bodies than chihuahuas or yorkies. Not only is it more comfortable for them this way, but it can also be better for preventing future joint or muscle pain.

Q: Do you take your pet on-the-go?

If you enjoy traveling with your “Fido” or simply taking them around town with you, you might consider a bed that’s lightweight and easy to transport. Prefer to store a “back up” bed in your car? Your future self will thank you for the spared time and energy, and your pet will thank you for creating a cozy spot for them wherever you go.

Pick & Place the Bed

Once you’ve assessed your pet’s needs, measure them lengthwise to make sure you’re getting a big enough bed and note the return policy when shopping for their size. If you do happen to get the wrong one, you’ll want to be able to swap it out or return it altogether, which some stores don’t allow after use.

Next, choose a location for their bed. If they already have a favorite spot to nap, that’s a great place to start. It’s important that our pets feel that they have their own space to go to when they feel like being alone. Measure that space to make sure it will accommodate the bed size you need. If they spend time in a crate, snag the dimensions before you go shopping!

Want to make sure their bed isn’t an eyesore in your home? Choose a color similar to your furniture or decor, so that it blends unobtrusively into your house. Mis-matched colors may not bother your pet, but you and your family are the ones who will have to look at it all day!

Our Best Tip

Read the cleaning instructions before buying any pet bed. The bed will inevitably need washing, and you’ll thank yourself later if you’ve picked one with a removable cover or one that can be put in the wash directly. 

Now that you’re up to date on our best bed-picking pointers, head over to Hamrick’s to get your littlest loved one the best deals on beds, toys, treats, and costumes. We’ll see you there!

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