Beautiful, Budget-Friendly Tree Decorating Ideas

Nothing can launch us into the Christmas spirit quite like the time-honored tradition of decorating a tree. Inviting, affordable decor is simple, easy, and makes for a beautiful focal point during the holiday season.

‘Tis the season (of inspiration), so check out these budget-friendly tree decorating ideas:

Add your favorite family photos:

Printing photos costs only a few cents. Pick your favorites, decide whether to use color or black and white, and hang them on your tree as sweet reminders of memories and loved ones throughout this special season. 

Play with popcorn:

The cheapest garland around! Spend some quality family time stringing popcorn around the fire. They are gorgeous against the dark green tree, create highlights and fun texture, and maintain simplicity with their neutral color. (Plus, you can snack while you string!)

Go monochromatic:

The simpler your decor, the easier it is to have a designer Christmas tree on a budget. Choosing just one color for your tree decor can make a bold statement. You can include variety by using differently shaped ornaments and different textures of the same color (matte, shine, sparkle, smooth, or patterned).

Plain, clear ornaments are also great to have on hand because, in addition to being gorgeous on their own, you can fill them with tinsel of any color to fit your theme.

Stick to the classics:

Nothing is easier to coordinate than simple, timeless pieces. Find some staple pieces that you love and that you can reuse each year, like white lights, a star topper, red ribbon, garland, or candy canes. 

Rethink gift wrap:

If you keep your decor minimal, neutral, or simple, using a really fun gift wrap is a great way to bring a pop of color to your holiday home. Whether you’re going for elegance, woodland wonderland, winter white, cartoon Christmas, red and green galore, or sparkly blue snowflakes, know that your choice in wrapping paper can bring a whole new dynamic to your decor.

Bring the outdoors in:

Collect pinecones, berries, and other natural gems from your backyard for free and inviting accents to tuck into the branches of your Christmas tree. 

Focus on metallics:

Having a little sparkle and shine can be all you need to fill your space with Christmas cheer! Gold, silver, and coppery bronze bring the rest of your Christmas decor to life without having to worry about matching colors.

Don’t stress!

Having a magazine-worthy Christmas tree doesn’t have to break the bank. With the busyness of the holidays—always something to cook or wrap or prepare—overspending shouldn’t add to your stress. Dive into decorating easily and affordably to enjoy the true spirit of the season!

Head on over to your nearest Hamrick’s to stock up on Christmas cheer. We want to see what you come up with, so be sure to connect with us on socials and show off your creativity! 

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