Bright Ideas for a Festive Family Night

Bring the whole family together to kick off the season’s festivities the best way we know how—with some family quality time! 

If you’ve never welcomed the holiday season with a family fun night, this is the perfect year to give it a go! You never know, it might even kickstart a new, beloved tradition in your household.

Set the tone for a festive season! 

Hamrick’s is your one-stop shop for everything you need to host a memorable night… and we have everything you need for a festive family night!

Everybody’s favorite snacks, cozy blankets, themed party favors, tools for holiday baking, and gift wrap are available at our stores, so you can get all those presents prepped and tucked under the tree in advance. But first things first… let’s plan!

Pick your entertainment:

What are your family’s favorite holiday movies, music, games, and crafts? Have them on hand to make for a seamless evening. Need some inspiration? Check out Home Alone, The Grinch, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Christmas movie Bingo, Christmas songs Pictionary, or White Elephant!

Dream up some snacks and sweets:

No perfect party is snack-less! Stock up on our seasonal treats to keep everyone fueled for the festivities. 

Set the scene:

Pillow forts and blanket cocoons are highly recommended! Gather cuddlies from around the house so everyone is as snug as possible. The more comfortable the setting, the more at home everyone will feel during the party!

Now that we’ve planned the perfect night with loved ones, make sure to head over to Hamrick’s to pick up all the goodies and save BIG with our More Rewards Loyalty Program! You never know what you’ll find, so get to shoppin’ and let the festivities begin! 

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