Shopping 101:

5 Reasons to Shop In-Store vs Online

Online shopping means you can stay in your pajamas to get your retail therapy fix. But! Does that make it better than traditional shopping? We don’t think so!

Shopping in-store provides a plethora of benefits that are simply inaccessible online. We find that making the effort to get out of those PJs and head to the stores will actually save time, money, effort, and make for a much more enjoyable shopping experience overall. 

Check out our top 5 reasons to shop in-store instead of online to see if you agree…

1. Shopping is for friends:

Browsing your favorite stores has always been a go-to socializing event. Inviting your friends to sit around the computer while you surf the internet just doesn’t have the same appeal. Shopping is a great way to enjoy quality time with your loved ones, make errands feel like a special occasion, and maybe even make a new friend in the check-out line!

2. Skip the wait:

Why wait days for an online purchase to be delivered to your door? Shopping in-store allows you instant access to what you need. Carrying home a bag of goodies today is more convenient (and satisfying) than watching out the window for the mailman tomorrow. Plus, you can use our free More Loyalty Rewards Program to earn points with every purchase!

3. Touch it, test it, try it:

Shopping online can create a cycle of buying, trying, repackaging, going to the post office, waiting on a refund, ordering an alternative, trying… you get the idea. Shopping in-store saves you the hassle of dealing with the aftermath of a disappointing product (not to mention delivery and return shipping fees)! So, come on in and try the products you need before you buy. It’s worth it.

4. Get up and get out:

A change of scenery is good for our mental health. Shopping in a store is a great reason to get out of the house and get moving (and way more fun than the treadmill). Sometimes we don’t know what we want until we see it, so you never know what you might find! Peruse the store and find something that inspires you. 

5. Get a real opinion or two:

Online opinions can go on and on… and they don’t always reflect reality. When you shop in-store, you can talk to the employees about which products customers love, how certain brands tend to fit, and if a different color or size you need is in the back. Immediate, helpful feedback is right there with you in-store. Nothing better than that!

Well, we’re convinced…

Long live brick-and-mortar stores!

We hope these 5 reasons to shop in-store have given YOU a reason to gather up your gals and head to your nearest Hamrick’s for a shopping experience that’s sure to please!

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