Shopping Hacks:

Save Yourself Time & Money!

Shopping is even MORE fun when you have the right hacks! In addition to spending a small fortune over your lifetime, you probably also spend a great deal of time hunting down the best deals and discounts when shopping.

We’re here to make it a little easier to find great brands at incredible prices! Whether you’re trying to save BIG on name-brand items or just looking for advice on finding the hottest trends, we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to make every shopping experience an enjoyable one.

5 Essential Hacks to Help You Save

The more you know, the easier you can find the best deals. This goes for everyday apparel, like clothing and shoes, but also accessories, home goods, decor, food, tools… you name it! 

No matter what you’re shopping for, these 5 hacks will help find the best deals for you:

1. Join your favorite loyalty programs

Customer loyalty rewards programs are one of the easiest, most convenient ways to save money on products or brands you love. Take Hamrick’s for example. Members of our More Loyalty Rewards Program get the chance to save during future shopping trips by earning points on every purchase. If you already have plans to shop with us, this is a must-have hack to keep in your back pocket. Between the future savings on essential items and special annual rewards, there’s no reason NOT to join our loyalty program. We even saved the best news for last… You can sign up for free!

2. Personalize your shopping-related feeds

Finding the right people and brands for you is key in making a shopping experience enjoyable, affordable, and fast. If you’re on social media or follow any blogs, make sure to tailor your newsfeed to your needs and preferences.

Follow influencers, bloggers, or models that have similar styles, budgets, or body types. In addition to serving as test-users of products you may be interested in, some also get paid to promote unique discount codes you can use to save money. Just look out for any posts with #ad in the caption. This means it’s a paid brand promotion, so be aware that the review or recommendation could be biased.

3. Sign up for email updates

If there’s a specific product or brand you just can’t get enough of, email alerts are one of the best ways to stay informed on discounts and deals that can save you money.

Pro Tip: Creating a “shopping only” email address solely for this purpose will limit the amount of spam you receive. Setup is one time, free from most email providers, and fairly simple. This way, shopping-related spam won’t clog up your work or personal inbox, but you can easily access the info and discounts you need when the time comes to shop!

4. Follow the “love it or leave it” philosophy

The age-old saying is true: If you don’t love it in the store, you’re probably not going to wear or use it. But the saying works both ways… If you see something in a store or online that you immediately fall in love with, buy it! There’s no better hack for feeling more confident in a purchase than asking yourself the trendy Marie Kondo question: “Does this spark joy?”

5. Ask questions!

Not all stores and brands actively promote their sales like Hamrick’s does! The best way to stay “in the know” about active promotions is simple: ask the employees. Managers or customer service representatives are the best resource out there for saving money while shopping. They can tell you all about the deals and discounts they offer, which can include:

  • Limited-time sales
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Military or serviceperson discounts
  • Senior discounts
  • Group or bulk discounts
  • Mobile app offers

As you can see, the possibility of saving with one or more of these discounts is well worth a quick conversation. But if that doesn’t convince you, you can also ask them for restock dates and which days of the week are best to shop sales (many stores put out new clearance items on the same day every week!). This will ensure you’re one of the first to find out about new or restocked products that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

So there you have it. Five essential hacks every shopper should have access to summed up in a 5-minute read! Want to spread the shopping wealth? Share this article with your loved ones to help them find great brands for incredible prices too!

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